About Us

Vegantatoe is a science brand that specialises in vegan pastries. Our story began in 2020 with a passionate idea about potatoes as a substitute for milk and flour. The idea grew into an ambitious project that has resulted in unique, innovative and science-based cakes, which are low-fat and animal products-free.

Our vision is to be the leading producer of vegan sweets in the Baltics.

Our values

Environment and sustainability

In the production of cakes, we choose only natural and local ingredients as Latvian nature provides us with everything needed. Potatoes can be found in almost every Latvian garden, their use is very wide, and even the most picky gourmet will find a way to use potatoes in their recipes. We have discovered a new and innovative potential for a seemingly traditional crop that grows in Latvia's climatic conditions and is known all over the world.


Nowdays when health issues are directly linked to what we eat, there is a growing demand for low-fat cakes that do not contain animal based ingredients. Vegantatoe makes sure that everyone in the supermarket has access to a quality and healthy product, an alternative to classic cakes made from animal products.


Innovation is the driving force of the 21st century and the main condition for development. We want to create high-quality products from an already known, well-known crop - the potato.

Our mission is to change the usual, create innovations and strive for excellence.